Googling and society and me :-)

I mentioned a few weeks ago about an interview I did with David Stonehouse for the Sydney Morning Herald, well it was published in Icon last Saturday. The article looks at how technology is changing the way people gain access to information about you that is in the public domain. With so much information now being available online this is becoming more and more of a problem.

One thing to note for my international readers, the privacy legislation here in Australia is very different from that of other countries, especially the US, the article touches on some of these which is great.

My portion, one comment on page 4 which might not sound like a lot, but hey the Sydney Morning Herald is one of the biggest newspapers in Australia and I have never been quoted in it before so this is really cool.

Strangely neither Pubsub nor Technorati picked this up.. but Google News did 🙂

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