Australian Vendors fail with RSS

01_01I was updating my feeds today and decided I had better add the news/press/media release for a number of local vendors. I had not done this earlier as last I had looked most did not provide RSS feeds, I had hoped this situation had changed.

Unfortunately I was wrong.

Of the 12 vendors I check before writing this post only 1 provided RSS for news updates and this was provided through a blog as their news source. Most had some form of email news/newsletter service.

The vendors without RSS news updates are:

The only vendor with RSS?

I just picked this list at random to add, they range in size and scope, and are a mix of recruitment,talent management and HR/Payroll software providers.

Lucky Google Reader now has the ability to create a feed from a static HTML page so I can sort of subscribe to the vendors updates via my RSS reader.

One thought on “Australian Vendors fail with RSS

  1. Frustrating isn’t it! There’s so many businesses around that just don’t think about RSS, they seem to assume that people will visit their website daily (or at least regularly) to see if there’s any new posts/information. Unfortunately, people don’t….

    I use the free Feedblitz service to keep updated on blogs/sites without rss. I prefer my rss to be via email, so this works well for me.

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