Tips for laying off employees in a social media world

Over the weekend Techcrunch posted about the layoffs traking place due to the economic downturn. There are two main themes in the post; first some of the layoffs are clearing out of dead wood and the other being it is hard to keep layoffs a secret when everyone is a publisher. To the first point.Continue reading “Tips for laying off employees in a social media world”

Slight service interruption

Over the last few days service on this site and several of my other sites has been less than perfect, downright poor for some of them. This has been due to several related factors. Firstly the performance of my previous hosting provider MD Webhosting and secondly the unavoidable service interruptions while moving hosting providers. IContinue reading “Slight service interruption”

Reader numbers mean a rethink

When I setup my blog several years ago I decided to use FeedBurner to manage my RSS feed ( There were several reasons for this decision the top two were portability and statistics. When I moved my blog to WordPress a good couple of years ago I kept my FeedBurner feed and put a linkContinue reading “Reader numbers mean a rethink”

Top 25 HR blogs

There must be something in the water cause here is a list of the Top 25 HR blogs, there is some cross over with the Top 100 list from yesterday, and a couple of new ones which were noticeably absent from the first list, eg The Human Capitalist by Jason Corsello.

Taking control of information overload

Something I have been struggling with for about 18 months is information overload, who hasn’t, especially with regard to email and RSS feeds and to a lesser extend podcasts. To date my method of coping has been to unsubscribe (I removed about 500 blog feeds) or ignore the stream of information (which I do withContinue reading “Taking control of information overload”

What’s with this Twitter thing?

I know many people just don’t get Twitter, even when it is explained to them, however given the growth of the tool there must be “Something about Twitter?” (From But what is it? Over the last week I have seen a few blog posts once again trying to sort out what it is andContinue reading “What’s with this Twitter thing?”

Twitter influence and follower growth

There are several classic cliché’s such as “money makes money” and “success breeds success” that basically mean the more you have of something the more you get. Normally I would dispute these concepts but I am starting to question my personal perspectives. Two things have happened to make this happen. Firstly I spent an hourContinue reading “Twitter influence and follower growth”