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Today I received an email directing me to a new list called “The HR Bible: 100 Articles Every Human Resources Pro Should Read“. Given at one point had grand plans of building a one stop shop of this information, I had to look.

An initial scan over the titles provided we with a sense of excitement, all these good topics in one place, like:

  • Six Tips for Developing Your Employees
  • How to Find Great Part-Time Employees
  • HR Outsourcing Basics
  • Ten Ways to Attract and Retain Great Employees
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Top Ten Recruiting Tips: Ten Tips for Successful Employee Recruiting

I read through some of the article which were quite good, however not all of them are relevant to all sizes of employers or countries. For example the article on “How To Fire An Employee“, which comes from wikiHowTo which will also teach you How to Win a Street Fight, could quite easily lead you to a lawsuit in some countries.

Other than some items not being suitable everywhere the list is a good starting point for ideas and research.

I know the my title says 101 links, but the post only has 100 links so where is the missing link? The one on how to win a street fight, cause some days being in HR is like a street fight :-).

2 thoughts on “101 Links about HR

  1. Staff Surveys

    We have recently conducted a detailed staff survey in an Engineering organisation in 20 different areas and 4 different locations. Whilst the results were surprisingly good, a number of issues obviously need work.

    The survey was designed and tailored to the organisation and focus group meetings were held in all Centres. Tailored on-line survey was therefore developed and conducted. The results have been provided to management which is setting up a number of QA committees to address the range of issues. A further survey is to be conducted in 12 months.

    We have formed a partnership with the organisation over the next 3 years to provide surveys and follow-up on implementation to ensure that it is driven.

    It is encouraging to find that organisations are investing even in these tough economic times to understanding critical people issues and taking responsible action.

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