What is next…

I have been pondering the future.

What is next? Do you know? If so please do tell.

A number of years ago I pondered what was next from blogging and podcasting, neither of these forms have really survived in the way the were circa 2005/2006. Let alone what happened to MySpace, Friendster, Orkut…

Let’s look at the user base of popular social networking sites in 2005 .(Of note the term social media was not really in our vocabulary then. In fact social media was called “new media” we knew it was new but just what was it?)

MySpace 26.7 Million
Facebook 11.1 Million
Xanga.com 7.9 Million
Bebo.com 1.5 Million
Friendster 1.5 Million
Tribe Networks 515K
LinkedIn 354K
Orkut.com 83K

So not many of the sites in the above list really play a part in Social Media 2011, so where does this leave us?

I have no idea. Yet.

Well personally I want to find the 2005/2006 version of Twitter/Facebook in 2011/2012 and see what it will do to society in five years time.

2 thoughts on “What is next…

  1. From an HR perspective facetime job interviews have to be nothing more than a crisp bite away, however establishing authenticity in both directions may be a challenge.
    Much farther out and on the ‘sensor’ front, I predict bio tech driving sensation and emotion sharing.

  2. In terms of HR, technology and social networking can really boost the level of employee engagement if used correctly. There are ways of getting employees to collaborate and become more productive members of the team by using social networking programs that are designed for HR.

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