Social media and the elephant in the room

Once again a longtime between drinks, however this post might start to demonstrate why.

For many months I have felt that something is not right in the world of social media. The problem was I have not been able to put my finger on the issue.

I happened to read a post over at Social Media Today that might help to shed some light on the issue. To sum the post up in a few words – we have lost the social in social media.

Ernest Barbaric discusses how the Human Factor in Social Media has disappeared:

Go to almost any brand’s twitter account and you’ll see exactly what most marketers get wrong. There is little more then business updates. No conversation, no relationship building, no questions being asked or answered. Just another “blast post”, a sad remnant of traditional one-way thinking.

Very sad really.

Maybe I am just a cranky old man, but please go read Cluetrain Manifesto and maybe I will start to enjoy what you put out on the Internet again.

2 thoughts on “Social media and the elephant in the room

  1. The truth is that, some have turned the social media into a battle ground to settle scores with their perceived enemies, its that bad. We can together change for good.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for sharing part of the article, hope it was a good read.

    It is a sad state indeed. It seems like brands have jumped on the wagon of “Free Advertising” rather then relationship building.

    Let’s hope we’ll see a chance in the future.

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