JobSeekr are you one?

Over the last few months one of the side projects I have been working on is JobSeekr.  The idea come about while working with Jeremy Samuel and Riges Younan on their products 2Vouch and JobGenie. While 2Vouch and JobGenie are focused on finding the best people for a role we recognised that there was not a good place for job seekers to go to learn about how to find a job. (Other than of course the multitude of job board.)

So we built JobSeekr.

The vision for JobSeekr is a little different.

The idea is that trying to find a job can be a very lonely and testing time, every job seeker needs help. JobSeekr will allow people to come together share tips and hints on how to find a job along with some specialised services. We have engaged the support of some of Australia’s top recruiters, personal branding consultants and commentators who will all be contributing content to the site.  The first two have been Ross Clennett and Dan Nuroo, with a series from Annemarie Cross coming up soon.

Right now the site contains content to help job seekers find a job, however as JobSeekr has been built on WordPress Multiuser with Buddypress it is a complete multiuser blogging platform and social network. We have the ability to provide job seekers their own blogs, arrange their own events, groups and hang out in the discussion forum.

There is lots more to do on the site (yes it is beta) but we have opened it to the public as we felt there is enough content there today to start adding value to job seekers.

4 thoughts on “JobSeekr are you one?

  1. Jobseekr is a great idea as it gives candidates the opportunity and the forum to voice their experiences/concerns or raise any questions about recruitment and job hunting.
    The way we traditionally look for jobs is continually evolving so it’ll be great to hear how candidates are beginning to job search as well as how recruiters are shifting to find the perfect candidates for a role.

  2. JobSeekr is pretty good. I have friends in Australia and some of them have already mentioned it to me. I’m not familiar with it though since I’m not from there, but I’ve checked out the blogs, there’s some pretty good job hunting info in there.

  3. I like the idea of a forum and social network for those hunting for jobs. Sounds like a very practical and useful tool for those looking for a job. I’d be interested to know more about 2vouch. How big of a factor due you plan on these forums and blogs to be in those looking for specific jobs?

  4. @Nilya thanks for the support.

    @Imee Wow internationally famous already. Glad you liked the initial content, we are planning to keep building the content and adding new features.

    @Cade To be honest we are not sure how big a factor that will play given being a job seeker is a period of time not a permanent state. Certainly we want to build an environment where job seekers can come and talk to other job seekers and get tips and hints from each other, but also experts.

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