Social Media in the Workplace and Policies

It is interesting how things align for the last few months I have been talking with FCB Workplace Lawyers about speaking at their breakfast series on social media in the workplace. The growth in discussion on this topic over the same period has been amazing. Last week FCB announced the details of these sessions 8th May in Sydney and 11th May in Melbourne, so if you want to know more come along.

My topic is loosly “Four sides of the same coin – How to keep brand managers, lawyers, employees and employers happy when engaging with social networking.” I plan to cover topics such as :

  • What is social media/web 2.0
  • Workplace risks and benefits of social media
  • How to manage and monitor it
  • How to safe guard your company’s brand
  • The risks of unknowingly extending corporate liability
  • Harrassment from online friends in the workplace
  • Bullying
  • Confidentiality issues

Following my talk there will be roundtable discussions on:

  • Social media: what does it mean for current workplace policies including developing a social media policy
  • Should you regulate the use of social media in the workplace?
  • Legal issues arising when recruiting with social media
  • Employers legal risks associated with employees using social media related to work

The sessions are free and you can register online for Sydney and Melbourne.

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