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John Sumser over at Recruiting Blogs is trying to find the top 100 key influencers in Recruiting, Staffing, HR, HCM and HRTech globally! A big ask I say.

John puts forward an interesting point of view:

Some people go to a lot of conferences and exert their influence through pure networking. For these folks, influence and connection are inextricably linked. They are the prime movers of the status quo. Their influence depends on stability and a modest degree of change. They are well liked and see the world as a place where being liked is an important goal.

Another group of people spend a lot of time giving talks at conferences and publishing their work online. Many of these self-promoters exert an interesting influence on the industry. Often, they are a mile wide and an inch deep as the saying goes. The object of their involvement is, pure and simple, to build their consulting business or to increase sales for their company.

There’s a third group of people who, for some reason, have the industry at heart. They don’t really work for the money (though many of them do pretty well). They find real challenge in improving the way things get done, thought about and perceived.

The last group of influencers are a little harder to notice. They are customers and practitioners who make the whole thing go around. The other three groups depend on validation, in one form or another from users and customers.

I’m looking to figure out who the 100 most influential people are across all four groups.

But this got me thinking.

Who would be on the list if it was Australia only, even a top 50 (given we are smaller than the US)? So who would be your top 5 in Australia?

Come on give me your top 5 that way we can figure out a top 100!

4 thoughts on “Key Australian Influencers

  1. Being a New Zealander I feel extremely qualified to add to the Australian list 🙂

    I would like to add Brett Minchington from South Australia – he has cut out a niche in the employer branding space – written books, and run workshops and organized summits on the topic across the world. Would also like to add Mike Beeley from Re.Agent – I saw him present recently and though I didn’t agree with everything he said I was impressed with his knowledge and recruitment advertising models. I agree with that Gareth Flynn TalentQuest should be on the list. Possibly some corporate influencers like Kellie Tomney from
    St.George Bank should be on the list.

  2. Also .. brain still ticking over … I don’t know the names but maybe some of the trailblazers in the Australian ATS market should be on the list – from the likes of PageUp, etc. Depends whether you perceive them as “influencers” or not.

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