Change management and technology implementation

For many years I have felt that change management has been one of the most underrated and overlooked component during technology implementation. (For the IT folks out there I am NOT talking about change control I am taking about the people and organisation aspects.) I have been involved in change management from several perspectives and as part of my consulting now offer services are change management. Given this I felt I should probably get some formal training, over the last few days I have been completing the APMG’s course in Change Management.

As a bit of background there is significant research out there to back up the position that if you don’t have change management your technology project will more than likely fail. Some of the more recent studies are:

  • A 2002 McKinsey study found that ROI of projects was 143% when change management was used and only 35% when it was not.
  • “Projects with excellent change management programs met or exceeded objectives 88% of the time, while projects with poor change management met or exceeded objectives only 17% of the time,” stated Tim Creasey, Prosci’s Director of Research and Development and co-editor of the 2007 report “Best Practices in Change Management”
  • Kotter found that only 15% of organisations making transformation succeed.

Watch for more posts in the coming weeks on change management.

One thought on “Change management and technology implementation

  1. Micheal, in my experiences with many technology projects across multiple industries, time and time again I have seen organisations look for short term $$$ savings by cutting project costs through reduced investment in project and change management.

    This sort of skimping on leads to the following situations:
    1. Poor scoping of the project
    2. Mis-alignment of expectation for key users and stakeholders

    The results are generally the same… Poor technology adoption, heavy re-work and sometimes re-implementation.

    It is important that Change Management and in particular how the system/technology will impact users must be considered way before the first product is installed. Technologists left to their own devices will continue to implement solutions and products that meet project deadlines on the surface but not achieve the business objective, users expectations and more critically provide a positive ROI.

    Without supplementing technology adoption projects early with disciplines around project and change management Technology (particularly large IT lead) projects are doomed to fail.

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