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Just a quick post as my laptop battery is about to die:-).

Last week I noticed an interesting post over at The InquisitrUdutu Launches LMS Application For Facebook“, very interesting an actual revenue generating application for Facebook! Their press release can be read here. While the Facebook application is still in Beta it is a very interesting concept, with lots of potential I installed the products and will see how they go. In the meantime here is a summary of the tools.

Udutu already offer a product to author courses, myUdutu, the content can then be distributed either via your own SCORM compliant server or you can use Udutu’s infrastructure. The authoring tool is free, Udutu make money from clients using their infrastructure.

While the new offerings UdutuTeach and UdutuLearn currently only operating on Facebook, Udutu says they will support other social networking platforms, MySpace, Bebo, and LinkedIn. But they don’t say they will support Google’s OpenSocial framework specifically I assume they will. UdutuLearn also seems to allow you to import other SCORM complaint content into the application meaning non-Udutu content could be delivered via the Facebook platform.

From their press release:

The Udutu LMS, which is comprised of the Udutu Teach and Udutu Learn modules, enables both
“teachers” and “learners” to use Facebook, and over time similar sites, to perform a variety of tasks
that coincide with conducting or taking an e-learning session, including:
– uploading courses (SCORM packages) into the social networking platform or developing courses
directly within Facebook
– defining individuals or groups of individuals that are members of the social networking site as
learners or teachers for particular course packages
– tracking learner progress through the SCORM API
– collecting payment for course material (when appropriate)
– generating reports on learner progress (accessible only to course administrators)
– issuing certification to learners that have completed the course in the appropriate manner
– exchanging feedback between learners and teachers about various courses
– providing public evaluations of courses by learners
– searching for courses based on content and other member ratings

There are lots of opportunities for this platform, such an in HR on boarding program that new employees can access via their favourite social network before they join your organisation, or allowing employees to access professional development from home without the need to IT access to your network.
Of course there are lots of commercial opportunities for content providers.

Until September 2008 the tool will be free, following this there will be a $5 per user/course charge, no too bad but could limit some of the take up.

2 thoughts on “Using Facebook to Learn

  1. Hi – I’m the lead developer of Udutu Teach & Learn, and ran across your blog. We actually will be using Google’s OpenSocial Framework when we implement Teach & Learn for LinkedIn and MySpace. Bebo actually makes use of the same framework as Facebook, so our system will be made available to Bebo next.

    Also, you can load any content produced by a SCORM 2004 compliant authoring system. There are several other products on the market that do this. Ours, of course, is the best 😉

  2. @Kris, Thanks for stopping by and the clarification on OpenSocial & the ability to load SCORM 2004 compliant content. I will be watching the progress of your products with interest.

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