Glasshouses allow you to see inside

Today I saw two posts float past on the Friendfeed feed in Twhirl about a new startup Glassdoor that has recently launched so I figured I needed to take a look. The first post was from my newest tech news location The Inquisitr, which provided a good basic “tech like” overview of the service.

Glassdoor takes the idea behind The Funded and applies it to every company in the United States, a nation wide watercooler of employee condition gossip and sharing. Ultimately this will only end up as good as the level of community contributions, but it’s an untapped space that would seem to have huge possibilities. Definitely a site to watch.

The second post raised my interest from Laurel Papworth (aka SilkCharm), one of Australia’s leading minds on social networking, she posted Recruitment 2.0 – Glassdoor Community. What? When I read The Inquisitr post the last thing I thought about was recruitment 2.0, but then I was thinking about it from the wrong point of view, Laurel I assume was thinking about it in part from the candidate’s perspective. D’oh serves me right to skim read posts and not think carefully about things, also I should not have 40 tabs open in 2 Firefox sessions, 3 half written emails and and host of other things going at once.

Yes Laurel is right from a candidate perspective this is a goldmine. Allowing candidates to research the inner workings of an organisation before joining them.

But if the company is also listening to the feedback they will know what is being said about them and can then react as required. Think of it as a perpetual employee opinion survey. This is a good indication of how engaged your employees are, the area they dislike and some great verbatim comments on the positives and negatives.

Ok yes, how do we know the data is right and not tainted?? You don’t. But it is what people will read about the organisation before they join and a good indication of how employees really feel on the inside as well. So this data is impacting your employer brand and perception in the market so even if you dismiss the data you need to take action.

Even Glassdoor provides some feedback to employers on how to handle the information:-

Specifically, Glassdoor can help you:

  • Get free, real-time feedback. Supplement your own annual surveys, with a real time look at what your employees really think. This can help you quickly identify any issues and capitalize on your strengths.
  • See how you stack up. Glassdoor lets you instantly see how you compare to the competition. This allows you to focus on the differentiators that matter most to your employees and prospective recruits.
  • Get recognized for what matters most. If you’re among the best on Glassdoor, that means something. Unlike ‘best of’ lists we provide unedited and unbiased accounts from employees, much like the people’s choice of employer awards. This provides yet another valuable tool to help you recruit top talent.

Now take this a step further, beyond recruitment and general satisfaction. What happens when investors and customers start using the site to see how satisfied the employees are before making investing or purchasing decisions? Do you think the C-level’s will then start to take an interest in employee satisfaction, compensation programs and management practices? Could you build an ROI now for your next HR program on this basis?

Just as I went to publish this post Techcrunch has joined in on the game posting about Glassdoor as well, they have fancy graphs that I could not find on the site.

2 thoughts on “Glasshouses allow you to see inside

  1. Companies always think the discussion is about them. But it isn’t. It’s about us. The new brand communities are closed, invite only, to discuss a companies products and services. And the company isn’t invited…

  2. True the discussion is about us, but companies should be listening to what we are saying so they can engage back with us in a way we want to. Instead of how some marketing or HR exec wants us to engage.

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