My Resume

Well tonight have begun thinking about what is going to happen post the takeover of my company (WMC) by BHP Billiton, I decided now is the time considering each have now made formal statements to the ASX. When I took the role at WMC I knew they were going to be taken over, the question was just by who. As things have happened, it all seems to be happening faster than I first thought. While there is not guarantee that I will be looking for a job in the next 6 months you never know when it comes to takeovers.

First step update my resume, for this I am going to undertake two actions. Firstly to develop the traditional MS Word version, the other manually in HR-XML. During the process I might actually hack together a small site that allows me to maintain both and generate the Word version on demand, but let’s not get too far ahead of myself here I actually need to update the document first :-). The challenge is going to be how to do it. The only web server I have at home is Linux, and I really only know enough ASP (not even ASP.Net!) and VB Script to get by, hmmm. I could always go for a Java based solution, but that seems to hard for a non-coder like myself.

Ok I have downloaded the OS Recruiter Java tar a I will see where it takes me, or maybe I should look at creating my own ePortfolio?