Find, Use, Share, Expand

I was reading Jeremy Zawodny’s trashing of Google over their new MyGoogle service and Jeremy mentioned FUSE. Jeremy quotes John Battelle from back in April:- Weiner calls his vision FUSE (for Find, Use, Share, and Expand) and it’s an apt metaphor – using search to fuse a myriad of services and applications, all of whichContinue reading “Find, Use, Share, Expand”

Ideas for corporate RSS feeds

Elizabeth Albrycht from CorporatePR has 10 interesting ideas for the use of RSS within corporations, while mainly externally focused they do offer food for thought on internal applications. 1) Email is an increasingly problematic communications tool due to the growth of spam and the overwhelming amount of email most businesspeople receive.2) RSS is perfect forContinue reading “Ideas for corporate RSS feeds”

Blogs & Social networks for internal communications

Via Enterprise RSS. Charlene Li talks about Razorfish using blogs and other social tools for internal collaboration and knowledge management. Interesting post. Charlene wonders if such an arrangement displaces traditional KM systems? I would say yes it will! Blogs are about opening up conversations with people, as we have seen recently with Scoble. By openingContinue reading “Blogs & Social networks for internal communications”

Blogs the new social network?

Jeremy Zawodny has posted an interesting item on how blogs might be the new “professional lubricant” (aka network). He is right on the money, unfortunately still only in some job markets. Blogs are the new networking device for many people, mostly technical in nature at this stage, however this will change over time. Many bloggersContinue reading “Blogs the new social network?”