Tablet PC’s in Education

For the last 3 months I have been wanting a Tablet PC, specifically the Toshiba M200, and since returning from BlogTalk Downunder this want has increased. Why? Firstly I got to see Mick Stanic’s up close and personal and I got to use the iBurst wireless broadband. My personal view is Tablet PC + WirelessContinue reading “Tablet PC’s in Education”

Find, Use, Share, Expand

I was reading Jeremy Zawodny’s trashing of Google over their new MyGoogle service and Jeremy mentioned FUSE. Jeremy quotes John Battelle from back in April:- Weiner calls his vision FUSE (for Find, Use, Share, and Expand) and it’s an apt metaphor – using search to fuse a myriad of services and applications, all of whichContinue reading “Find, Use, Share, Expand”

Podcasting, knowledge management & learning

On a raining Sunday morning here in Sydney I found an post from Cameron Reilly where he mentions he has his first podcasting client. Great to see organisations looking at new technology as part of their employee comm’s toolkit, hopefully he will give us all an update as to how it progresses. I have writtenContinue reading “Podcasting, knowledge management & learning”

Benefits of internal blogs

Adrian O’Leary pointed to me to an interesting article from Fast Company in April. Where there is a poll on the potential for businesses for blogs, results are interesting showing a fairly even split over knowledge management, project management, sales & marketing, and competitive intelligence. Ok, maybe only 1000 votes but still an interesting breakdown.Continue reading “Benefits of internal blogs”

Blogs & Social networks for internal communications

Via Enterprise RSS. Charlene Li talks about Razorfish using blogs and other social tools for internal collaboration and knowledge management. Interesting post. Charlene wonders if such an arrangement displaces traditional KM systems? I would say yes it will! Blogs are about opening up conversations with people, as we have seen recently with Scoble. By openingContinue reading “Blogs & Social networks for internal communications”