Knowledge management at work

Knowledge at work blog has three interesting posts about KM. The first about 5 key concepts covers the 5 major areas of KM and a great place to begin thinking when you are starting to look at a KM system.

The second is about social bookmarks, such as, and the potential for KM systems. The third is also related to tags and what the guys at Technorati are doing with them. These tags help with the online collaborative ontologies needed for KM systems to work. Coupled with categories (I wish Blogger had categories, might check out MT after the move) in blogs posts we can start to hunt down knowledge kept online.

I completely agree with Denham when he says:-

It is hard to articulate my excitement / gut feel that this going to be something important to knowledge workers – I just feel it!!

On a final note if you what to hear an excellent example of where KM would be useful go have a listen to the G’Day World latest On the Pod (a podcast from Australia by Mick and Cam) with Robert Scoble. About 45 minutes into the interview Robert ventures into how poor KM is within organisations. He mentions when he left NEC he had over 1GB of mail in his exchange folders. The data was owned by NEC, so he could not take it with him, however because it was in Exchange it was then not easy for anyone else to use the data either. It almost soundly like he was going to have the same issue at Microsoft with his Resources folder. Maybe MS needs some help with their corporate knowledge? 🙂

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