Students who actually think!

Anne Bartlett-Bragg (one of the organisers of BlogTalk Downunder) was interviewed recently by Anna Salleh from ABC Science Online about her research in blogs and education that she has been conducting for her PhD. Her quote “I say, I’m sorry, I’m making you think. Isn’t that why we’re here?” made me laugh, so many people just don’t want to think as it is hard!

While only a short item it did raise several points about blogs, while the research is focused on students I suspect the findings would also hold true for general blogging (apologise to Anne if she has found they don’t).

  • They help people think more critically
  • They are interactive
  • They engage people in debate, even people how normally sit on the sidelines
  • They have to be responsible about what they post
  • Not all blogs are credible, and just cause it is published doesn’t mean it is true
  • They help you manage your ideas in a way never done before

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