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At the upcoming ATC Social Media conference (early bird prices until 30 September) I will be talking briefly about mobile recruiting. A topic I know is a little strange to some people, but I think effective use of mobile technology is going to become a critical part of a recruiters toolkit. Let’s face it mobile technology is not something you can ignore, as of December 2009 there were over 4.5 billion active mobile subscribers globally!

I am going to look beyond SMS, Bluetooth and email on smart phones, while they have a critical place in your mobile strategy there are other things to consider.

For example, while a traditional computer is replaced on average every 3.5 years mobile devices are averaging a replacement cycle of 18 months! This means just because something did not work last year doesn’t mean it won’t work this year!

Other topics I will look at include location based services, there is more to it than FourSquare or Facebook Places, areas like sales force automation and the impact of cloud computing on mobiles.

I am also trying to think of a good demonstration for the session so if you have any ideas, leave me a comment.

5 thoughts on “Mobile Recruiting

  1. Very interesting topic, Michael. Unfortunately don’t have any ideas for a demonstration but would be interested to hear what you have to say on the topic. Something you may follow up on in a future blog post?

  2. Hi Michael, good topic. My company is about to launch, it’s a video resume service and one of the things we’ve got planned is a smooth iphone app that allows employers to watch video resumes on their phone, save short lists, share them etc. It’s not developed yet, but we understand the need for so many to be able to do their work in transit. If you can screen candidates on the train to work, why wouldn’t you?

  3. I’d like to also see much easier ways to apply for jobs using your phone. So if a recruiter can screen applicants on the way home, I would like to apply for jobs on the way home.

  4. Adecco was the first employment agency to launch an iphone app this summer that allows you to view jobs by type, area, line of business, etc. You can get text alerts when new jobs get posted, get career news and even find a branch all from your iphone. So you can apply for a job while sitting on the train on your way home!

  5. Hi Michael,

    It truly is amazing how mobile devices have really taken over. I was wondering how the conference went?

    I think globally everyone is realizing that everything is going technology based. If you aren’t found on the internet… you aren’t found at all.

    I’ll be curious to know how the conference went though!

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