NGA.Net Acquires Acelero for Performance Management

Last night at around 5.30pm I received a call from Penny Elmslie, the marketing manager at NGA.Net about two topics that they were very excited about. First was they had started a blog, second they had purchased a company.

While the first piece of news is not that earth shattering for some, I personally feel it is great that another Australian vendor has entered the blogging space. Hopefully NGA.Net will use this as an opportunity for people outside the organisation to learn a bit more about what makes them tick. You can find the blog at, the RSS feed is also available.

The second piece of news is far more exciting, well in my mind. NGA have acquired Acelero, the Sydney based Performance Management vendor. The acquisition fills a much needed gap in the NGA product line and to be honest allows them to meet their marketing claims:

“Software that helps large organisations to connect, recruit & develop their people”

Good news for Acelero staff as it seems 14 of them will be joining NGA, with Managing Director Ken Sheridan remaining as the head of the new NGA Performance Management division.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes to fully integrate the product lines so that NGA.Net customers have a true integrated talent management solution. I am not aware of the technical platform that Acelero was using, however it is good to see NGA were sensible and purchased an existing SAAS vendor so at least architecturally they are somewhat aligned.

3 thoughts on “NGA.Net Acquires Acelero for Performance Management

  1. Hi Michael, thanks for the post, certainly exciting times for us down here. This has actually been something we have been working towards for a number of years. This acquisition was preceded by our release of the ‘Natural Talent’ platform a while back. This is the key part of the architecture that allows us to tie multiple HR SaaS applications together in a seamless way. Key modules like ‘Reporting and Analytics’ and ‘Integrated Workflow’ are therefore shared across the solution suite making the total offering very powerful. Cheers, Mike.

  2. Thanks for your write up. Whilst we are not re-inventing the wheel with the launch of our blog – The Rising Sun, it will be written and owned by the people within the business. Readers can be guaranteed to see individual opinions and hopefully benefit from the knowledge within NGA.NET. The Rising Sun

  3. Good luck to NGA with both the integration and the blog! This Natural Talent architecture sure sounds interesting – I wasn’t aware something like that existed. But yes, I’m no systems architect 😉

    “Hopefully NGA.Net will use this as an opportunity for people outside the organisation to learn a bit more about what makes them tick. ”

    so far it seems they’re doing a good job 🙂

    cheers, Klaus

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