Are careers website critical to success??

I was beaten to the punch by Kelly Magowan with her post yesterday as to why you need to upgrade your corporate careers site to be successful with social media. This was my flow on post from the Corporate Careers Website Report I released on Wednesday night.

However Kelly only scratched the surface of the issue.

Next, it is important to be mindful that the most likely outcome of using social media will be more traffic to your careers site. And herein lies the problem – when they get to your careers site, what happens? Hopefully they don’t take one look at it and bounce!

While right on the money social media will increase the visitors to your site the issue is a lot deeper than this. Deep integration of social media into your external HR and Recruitment practices in a manner that delivers strong ROI requires a hub.

Are your candidates lost?That hub is your careers website.

I have worked with several clients on developing a social recruiting strategy and the key to bringing all of the content together is your web site, in particular an easy to update site. One that allows you to easily add video, Twitter streams, blog content, profile recruiters/clients/candidates etc. Let’s face it, you are unlikely to have your recruitment video on YouTube go viral and by itself deliver ROI.

For employers the same is true you need a compelling careers website. One that respects, engages and informs the candidate about the employment deal you have on offer. For example only 27% of Australia’s BRW Top 200 organisations provide recruitment relevant company background information on their site. Only 32% provide detailed information on the recruitment process.

So before you run off and execute that fancy new social media strategy make sure you have the foundations in place for your hub.

Update: Direct link to the research report

3 thoughts on “Are careers website critical to success??

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post because it’s a classic example how social media can be used by various parts of the corporation to build more meaningful relationships with key stakeholders/customers.

    Too often people think social media is a tool to be used by corporatiosn for PR or advertising.

    Business objectives need to be the key driver, but generally speaking, corporations should have their own ‘hub’ so they have an opportunity to host conversations.

    Of the 27% of Australia’s BRW Top 200 organisations that provide recruitment relevant company background information on their site, it would be interesting to learn how many of the sites are socially enabled?

    Any thoughts?

    Mike Hickinbotham
    (I work at Telstra – social media)

  2. Mike,

    I conducted the reviews almost a year ago and only one company referenced their social enabled site as part of their recruitment area, Nokia Australia. They directed candidates to employee blogs instead of the canned marketing testimonials that so many sites have.

    I am sure if I was to redo the reviews at the end of 2009 we would be seeing more social enabled sites that are integrated as part of the recruitment process.

  3. Hi Michael,

    Great blog entry! Would you know where I could locate some stats and results on the ROI for a recruitment video?
    Understanding that videos generally engage and reach a wider audience, it’d be great to find out what the actual return is, whether it be % increase in branding, placements etc?
    Kind Regards,

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