Social Recruiting: Is the hype over yet?

Gartner HypeNext week I head to the US for the Social Recruiting Summit a one day extravaganza being held at the Googleplex in Mountain View. But as I sit here in wintery Melbourne pondering the future I am wondering when Social Recruiting will fall off the top of the Gartner Hype-curve? It will fall the trick will be to ensure that it does not get stuck in the Trough of Disillusionment.

Social Recruiting is going through a similar phase as cloud computing, I drew this conclusion after reading the McKinsey paper on Clearing the air on cloud computing. Lots and lots of talk, hype and tremendous promise but technical and operational issues are hampering wide spread usage within large enterprises.

Let’s look at McKinsey’s recommendations to stabilise the cloud computing discussion and apply it to social recruiting.

  1. Get an industry definition on social recruiting, Riges Younan and John Sumser have been having a discussion on this over at
  2. Figure out how to get around the hurdles for adoption in large enterprises; Financial, Technical, Operational and Organisational.
  3. HR/Recruiters should focus on ensuring their operational service delivery is excellent instead of creating unrealistic expectations that social recruiting will save them.
  4. Everyone should take solid actions to limit the time in the trough, recruiters show clear ROI, technology vendors enhance integration, HR develop strategies.

More on this later.

5 thoughts on “Social Recruiting: Is the hype over yet?

  1. Hey Michael,

    looking forward to meeting you at the event. My 2 cents is that we’re trying to define the wrong thing. “Social Recruiting” isn’t that a bit redundant? It’s like saying “wet water”. For anyone who’s ever recruited, its social.

    So it strikes me as a bit odd to try and define it. I’ll have more to say of course in my talk at the event, but thought I’d chime in here, while I’m reading.

    You were wondering via twitter whether or not you should sit back and absorb, or if you should speak up? I vote speak up. Go for an unconference slot.

  2. Avoiding the “Trough of Disillusionment” is the key, unfortunately many corporate recruiters may already be there. Most approached social networking absent of a strategy (no surprise there). Early forays using messaging identical to that used on other channels produced little if any result, which led recruiters to conclude the social network channel just isn’t feasible in an environment where a recruiter has a req load of 30+. No matter how many success stories emerge about the cumulative effects of social network activity and the need to layer social network services to widen their scope/manageability, those early corporate users may be lost until a major shift in recruiting management platforms is a reality.

  3. @Master you are correct avoiding the trough of disillusionment is key. If too many corporate recruiters, hiring managers and HR executives see social recruiting being in the trough this will impact the real value one can obtain from the tools and concepts around social recruiting.

    @Susan Interesting article I will add that to my list on future trends.

    @Joshua my next post is just for you.

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