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I wrote yesterday asking is the hype around social recruiting over, while a bit of a attention grabbing title I think the question still needs to be asked. Because when the hype is over we will all have moved on cause it failed to deliver or social recruiting will be part of everyday business.

In the comments Joshua Kahn from Find & Attract pondered:

Social Recruiting” isn’t that a bit redundant? It’s like saying “wet water”. For anyone who’s ever recruited, its social.

I have to admit the first time I wrote the post I called social recruiting a tautology. But then I thought a bit. Is social recruiting about using social media to recruit? Or is social recruiting as Joshua says a tautology? Or is social recruiting like cloud computing something we are all a bit confused about?

I see social recruiting as a broader topic than just social media, a broader topic than just all recruiting is social because you deal with people and broader than just community building. I see social recruiting as all three. As a rough cut:

  1. Using social media tools as part of recruiting
  2. Building a community of potential candidates
  3. Engaging with candidates as people not numbers

Now these three points are defined from the Australian point of view which is very third party recruiter centric and looking at all phases of recruitment; attract, source, engage, screen and offer.

11 thoughts on “Step 1 define Social Recruiting

  1. “For anyone who’s ever recruited, its social.”

    Seriously!? Because Joshua must have a markedly different experience to mine…

    With few exceptions, third party recruiters want you to sign the contract and dump you at the client until a few days before the contract is up when they scramble to get an extension.

    There’s no social. No relationship. It’s exclusively about the 20 per cent blood money they get on your contract.

    And it’s because so many people rely on recruiters and dollars are flowing through the door that they don’t care to change.

    Like I said, there are rare exceptions. But they are very rare.

    As for internal recruiters, it depends largely on the industry they are in and the model on which hey are employed. But I’ve got to say that even in these kinds of cases, it’s a rare experience that makes you feel that there’s a relationship being built.


  2. “YMMV”? Not by a millimetre, Stephen. Every experience I’ve had with a recruiter has left me feeling more like “just a number” than anything from the Tax Office; and way too many of the interactions have left me feeling like I need a hot shower immediately after them. Relationship? Not in my lifetime …

  3. This thread seems to be wandering of point. Yes Social recruiting is real and yes every recruiter who serious about staying in the profession should manage their own community of candidates and provide value-add services that benefit that community. I use a Linkedin group to communicate and provide no cost job search advice, industry trends and job leads within my area of expertise. Its good business and builds trust and awareness of my brand and values.

  4. That is discouraging to hear people say they were just a number and no relationship has been built, for I believe recruiting at the heart of it is, and should be, about relationship building and networking. Hence “social recruiting” which to me is incorporating newer technology like social media into the act of recruiting. Those companies that do not build relationships with candidates (and beyond) are ones that die during recessionary times. Because in the end, it is about the people in whatever medium we may accomplish that task.

  5. It appears to me that Linkedin and social sites are tools enabling the corporate HR / Recruiters to operate as small business operators do. In small business, say ten people, ‘who is known’ is a large part of selection. Owners are generally experts or at least knowledgeable in all the fields they employ and hence know or know of a range of suitable people who are or maybe become available.

  6. Indeed, I didn’t fully or completely understand what social recruiting was, not until I read this post, just like the writer, I used to think that all recruiting is social since they all deal with humans interacting with one another, but after going through this post, I have kinda changed my mind

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