Can you do the #splits?

There are several interesting services taking shape on Twitter to help the recruitment industry; such as HashJobs, JobFeedr and now allows recruiters to share both jobs and candidates and splt the fees. Now Split networks are not new but this one is. comes out of the new Recruiting Blogs Labs (does everyone have a lab these days?) and allows Twitter users to hashtag either jobs or candidates they are willing to do splits with.

The system works as follows:

  • Recruiters who are willing to do splits in general put out a Tweet using the hashtag #willdosplits
  • If you have candidates that you are willing to split with you reply to @have and use the hashtag #splits
  • If you have jobs reply to @need and use the hashtag #splits
  • A very simple search tool has been built at to allow you to search the data

Right now there are a few recruiters and job seekers in Australia testing the waters, some being @Mentaura, @robsmithxp and Emily_Wheeldon. I am not sure how the system can be “secured” from job seekers “spamming” the #splits hashtag with their own resume as if it takes off this will certainly happen.

Great idea, and starts to build the concept of semantic web into recruitment. Personally not sure it will scale but you never know and we need to experiment more to find ways of connecting candidates and recruiters.

2 thoughts on “Can you do the #splits?

  1. Thanks for this Michael. When inputting on about what you need or have, the system we built puts the hastags in for you so there is no need to know about those things. Same as when you search.

    Thanks again

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