ATC: Gerry Crispin

At the end of the first day Gerry Crispin gave the audience a great run down on revamping their career’s web site. There are four aspects you need to consider when revamping your web site these are:

  1. Demographics: How many prospects are there that you can target?
  2. Class of Workers: Who are your workers?
  3. Source of Hire: Do you know where you get people from?
  4. Communications: How do you prospects communicate with you?
  5. Candidate Experience: Do you have a good enough candidate experience that viral marketing will occur?

Once you know these factors only then can you begin the process of revamping the site. Gerry brought in lots of information from his publically available reports. Such as make sure you respect your candidates still in the US only 70% of organisations acknowledge application and 17% inform on rejection! He also continued on the themes from Master Burnett and Dr John Sullivan make sure you are segmenting your approach to the market, you cannot treat every one the same way!

Gerry gave credit to Australian organisations who he felt were doing a reasonable job with things.

There are lots of other things he spoke about but most are covered in his freely available reports so I have not reproduced them here.

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