ATC: Naomi Simson, RedBalloon

Up before lunch was Naomi Simson, CEO of RedBalloon, and CEO means Chief Experience Officer. RedBalloon vision, we are changing the face of giving in Australia, the goal is to change employee engagement in Australia by 1%. Given lack of engagement costs Australia $21billion that is a lot of savings. Some thoughts:
  • How can you spend millions of dollar on advertising but not know who works there, their names or locations?
  • 30% of your employees are waiting to leave, as soon as they find the job
  • 52% of Australian employees buy their employees a leaving gift but only 2% an arriving gift
  • 78% of actively engaged employees will promote their company & it’s products
  • Employee Engagement: It is all about connection, first logical, then emotional and finally brand
  • The first connection the first time you hear about the company, then the job ad.
  • On boarding is the initial engagement
  • Pleasure Relations Team gives people a good time on the phone (aka call center staff)
  • The customer always has a valid contribution but they may not be right
  • Leadership: Vision, Values & Alignment
  • Brand is built on relationships
  • Employees are the new customer
  • Cash is not a gift and becomes compensation as it expected
  • Experiences creates a story and stories are shared.
  • All work and no play makes it a boot camp, but all fun is a kindergarten! 
The RedBalloon recruitment process:
  • Sends vision statement on job application
  • Asks them to apply by replying to the email saying “Interview Me Now”.
  • Group interviews to learn about the applicants, for cultural fit. 
  • Then they do technical assessments, via a test, 
  • Finnally the formal interviews
  • Before the legals documents are signed the new employee get emails, network logins etc and they get invited to all social functions all before they start.
  • Second day on the job you get given a gift that they must use before the probation is up
  • After 2-3 weeks they have lunch with Naomi
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