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Twitter seems to be the flavour of the month. Every day I hear Twitter this and Twitter that, many times from mainstream press outlets.

It has taken the recruiting community a while to come to terms with Twitter. This is not a bad thing as the business value needed to be understood. I first blogged about Twitter in late November 2006, putting the tool in the cute category. My first thoughts on Twitter as a recruiting tool were in January 2007.

Things have changed a lot since then.

Now everyone seems to be on Twitter or have heard about Twitter. I know individuals who have generated significant revenues from Twitter. There is true business value.

This brings me to the list of Top Recruiters on Twitter. Originally posted about by Jim Stroud on The Recruiters Lounge, Jim used Twitter Grader to create a list of the Top 50 people who had the word recruiter in their Bio. 

Then some interesting discussions the Recruiting Blogs followed about the pros and cons of using Twitter as a recruiter. Some of the cons were allowing people to “see” your candidate list, this is suggest shows a lack of understanding about social media.

Of course some people were unhappy about being missed off the list, only because they did not list the word recruiter in their bio or had recruiting. So now we have a list of the Top 100 Recruiting users on Twitter. (Have to say that I am top of the list. UPDATE: Ok not anymore but oh well.) The list is also changing rapidly as people update their profiles to include the “right” words.

The whole idea of a list of top Twitter users is very hard to define. Twitter is about the individual and as such what I find interesting you probably will not. Also just because you have lots of followers does not necessarily mean you are the most influential in that area, although quite often this is the case.

Of interest Australian recruiters Markus HafnerDavid Talamelli and Greg Dwyer made the list original top 50. Three recruiters here in Australia that GET social media.

4 thoughts on “Top Recruiting/Recruiters on Twitter

  1. Michael,
    great post.

    I am one of those who have expressed concern regarding the list (yes, I did make one of them so I say this with an open mind) –

    Today, as the economy goes to hell in a handbasket, and individuals are counting on Hail Mary’s for their next job – they also depend on the words of others when they are looking for the Creme of the Crop to help them

    This list .: concerns me tremendously. Why? well, because of how we are defining an individual to consider them a TOP recruiter.

    What exactly is a TOP recruiter? Is it based upon the number of placements they made? is it based upon their experience or knowledge? Is it based upon their treatment of candidates? or is it how they handle the recruiting process..

    I have seen the comments of so many recruiters online, and sometimes am so baffled at the public disregard individuals would have regarding their clients or candidates.. No, I would not call them a TOP recruiter, but sometimes these individuals are even classified even as Experts..

    So, Yes, this list, I am deeply concerned – I am concerned for the individual who is hoping for compassion and understanding, empathy and respect — even though he / she has lost their job

    I am concerned for the individual who comes across this list and thinks that because some other recruiter says they must be the TOP, then it must be so..

    ….not realizing that the only reason that an individual became the TOP anything on Twitter grader, is because they Used the Twitter Tool A LOT and WELL!!!

    Yes, I do use the Twitter tool a Lot, and recently even well.. and Yes, even made that silly list.. but, at the same time, I don’t want to be portrayed to be the TOP in the Recruiting field.. because I am not.. there are So many recruiters out there who are better than I am, and deserve that credit ..

    incidentally – not one of them made the list.. actually, I don’t know many big billers who actually are even making the “circuit”

    These are my unpopular thoughts.. but as this bothers so many, I ask, why?

    and when? when will we consider holding our industry to a standard that we should be proud of? A standard of Competence, and of Value..

    Not based upon Quantity, but on Quality?

    Karen Mattonen

  2. A really good blog entry and wonderful comment. I wanted to share a great resourse for using out of the box tools for recruitment and where I found a good blog entry for using Twitter for recruiting.

    I’m not sure he made any lists but you might find it intersting. I share because I thought of it after reading the blog post here.

    Thanks for your writings.


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