Your help is needed

About a week ago I had one of my wild ideas, organise an HR and Enterprise 2.0 conference in Melbourne at the beginning of 2009. Over the last week I have been pulling together some figures and making contact with people to see if they would be interested in speaking or attending. The response so far has been positive.

So the day is a go.

The target audience will be HR/Recruiting professionals looking at HR in the Knowledge Economy, specifically focusing on the impact of technology. Some of the topics we will be covering are:

  • Keynote by Stephen Collins who will have just returned from TED 2009
  • Case Study on Informal Learning
  • Web 2.0 in recruitment
  • Case study into the use of Enterprise 2.0 tools to enhance collaboration & improve business operations
  • Knowledge worker productivity and performance management
  • Strategy/workforce planning session, focusing on how HR adds value to the business in a knowledge economy and a focus on “head content” and managing organisational risk
  • The legal issues of social networking tools
  • Panel discussion on Branding & Social Media a recruiting perspective
  • Panel discussion on the future of Recruiting

The only issue now is what to call this event? I have some ideas but not 100% sold on any of them. So I created a short survey (Update: The survey is closed.) to see if my readers have any better ideas. So go forth and name the event!

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