A small but important clarification

A couple of days ago an anonymous blog, The Didge, here in Australia posted a fairly length review of the job referral service 2Vouch during which they stated that I am the owner. This is incorrect I have no ownership in the business. 2Vouch are a client of mine and that is all. I did suggest to the writers that after reviewing Hoojano they should also review 2Vouch. (UPDATE: The Didge have updated their post while I was writing this clarification.)

I will say I also disagree with some of their analysis of the site, and not just because 2Vouch have been a client. Here is a summary of my thoughts:

  1. They are not too late, when there are more candidates in the market finding the right candidate is still difficult. A referral has the personal reputation benefit that the candidate is of high quality.
  2. Financial rewards are not going to pressure poor referrals. A referrer’s reputation is the most important attribute. If recruiters/hiring managers see poor referrals from someone that will reflect badly on their own personal reputation. 
  3. Referrals have been found to actually decrease the time to hire. For example Vodafone in Europe found that by focusing recruiting activities on employment brand management and employee referral, the average recruiting cycle time per hire was reduced by more than two-thirds. Further the CareerXRoads 7th “Source of Hire” survey found that the efficiency or yield of the referral process is second to none; in 20% of the time it took 2 referrals to make the hire, 16% for 3 referrals.
  4. The points on registration, branding of recruiters etc are reasonable points to some degree. I’m not convinced they are issues for 2Vouch given the business model and their go to market strategy.
But analysing the analysis was not the point of this post.
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