Employees and Web 2.0

One of the topics I covered during last night’s presentation was how to build safeguards within your organisation so that employees for who were interacting in this brave new web 2.0 world. (Converts of Web 2.0 you might think I have lost it so before you all stand up and walk out hear me out first.) There were basically 3 topics I covered:

  1. Ban everything while inside the firewall
  2. Build a policy
  3. Educate

Banning everything is just no possible or practical. While you might stop access from inside the firewall, hence remove the “lost productivity” or security risk but employees will still be able to use the tools from home. This means that accidental publishing of content that is confidential or inappropriate might still happen, and you will probably piss them off as well.

Building a policy is great as it informs HR, and management about the issues but policies typically don’t change people’s behavior. Therefore you still run the risk of inappropriate content ending up in the Google cache.

Educating your employees is the key. This way you make sure employees, managers and HR understand the ground rules and what can happen if they “stuff up”. Some of ideas I laid out where (all from a great Corante post in 2004):-

1. Stop and think.
2. Use your loaf.
3. You can disclaim, but you can’t hide.
4. Keep it real.
5. Respect the channels

Above all empower and trust your employees.  This really should be the way you manage everything in the “new world”, ok it should be the way you manage all the time. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for a great presentation, Michael. I have received a lot of positive feedback after your presentation. Carry on with the good work — I believe it is important to get the Web 2.0 word out to the HR community!

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