MODM4 was last night

As a self confessed social/digital media groupie I attended MODM4 last night at the Riverland Bar on the side of the Yarra River, food and drinks were provided by Simon Chen from EightBlack.

Many of the “regulars” were in attendance good to catch up with them, also met a few new people which is even better.  I final met in person Ben Barren, after many years of watching from afar.

Things I learnt:-

  • Developers a still in short supply
  • Young people wear the strangest of things, who else saw all the kids dressed as furries?
  • MyLiveSearch is trying to take over the world
  • The digital media world in Melbourne is very small, like most industries
  • Mr Barren has some interesting projects on the go
  • Mr Edublogs’s empire is growing
  • There are lots of Sensis people around
  • How to have your mysql database automatically start on reboot under RedHat Linux
  • There are lots of great things happening downunder

Pictures are starting to appear on Flickr, a few blogs posts are filtering in although not as many as I would have expected given the gathering was meant to be on digital media, maybe they have a sore head today?

Downside, CathyE left before I could met her in person and I did not take my camera.

3 thoughts on “MODM4 was last night

  1. I have one word for you (actually, it’s more of an acronym, but let’s not quibble): MTUB. There will be no leaving early that night!!

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