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  1. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the link. The article says;

    Forrester surveyed 275 IT professionals on their firms’ Web 2.0 implementations and found that Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, is the highest value technology, with nearly one in four reporting “substantial value.”

    But what does this mean ?
    All sounds pretty subjective to me.

    It’s no surprise IT people and IT savvy people value RSS, because it is really useful. The problem is however, the rest of the world doesn’t even know what it is!

    I thought this would change with RSS support in IE 7, but it’s so subtle and poorly done my guess is most users don’t notice it. Personally I find Thunderbird’s RSS support realy useful because it’s already an application I use (for personal mail). If I remember rightly Attensa were developing an RSS reader for Outlook. Last time I looked at it, the feedback on their forum was so bad I didn’t even install it, but given they appear to have survived maybe I’ll take another look.

  2. Kevin I actually installed their Outlook RSS reader yesterday, not sure what I think just yet.

    Yes the comment is very subjective. I read a recent Gartner report that indicated ROI calculations on all sorts of Web 2.0 technologies in enterprises will need to rely on “alternative, less quantifiable means to justify” as they were difficult to pin down using traditional methods. My guess is Forrester is seeing the same thing.

    Another issue I see with the take up of RSS outside of the tech world is enterprises are not using it very well either. If more people had more day to day interactions with RSS internally then it would grow externally as well. Having said that you can’t sell RSS, you need to demonstrate the value and the problems it resolves.

    Yes, as you said integrating RSS into an application people already use is a great way of introducing it, which is why a good Outlook client would be great.

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