Social Networks

Lee LeFever and his wife Sachi are at it again with another video Social Networks in Plain English, worth a watch.

Of interest is I really grok the concept that networks get things done, d’oh! Also a social network site allow you to uncover the hidden value of your social connections, be it for money, jobs, opportunity or love.

This is an ah ha moment for me or if you are switched on a “d’oh Michael is slow off the mark”. In organisations we all know it is not what you know but who you know that gets things done.

Have a problem in Finance, well call Bob, Control Manager, who you met at the last leadership course and get it solved, need a new product feature call Mary in product development. But you might not know that Mary knows Jane in product marketing who can get you those freebies for the special even you are running where the CEO of you biggest customer is attending. A social network system inside the organisation boundaries would solve this issue and expose these connections. The system has now allowed you to uncover value in your network to solve a real business issue. ROI.

Case in point many of our employees are now in LinkedIn, guess what I have started using LinkedIn to find new connection in my network, without even thinking about it!

The kicker is no one in “Corporate” or “HR” has authorised/deemed/declared/mandated the use of LinkedIn, it is growing organically which is the best feature of a social network (Web 2.0 technology/concepts/systems) and why Twitter works.  The real trick for people wanting to use Web 2.0 technology/concepts within an organisation is to have them grow organically! Ask you change management expert how to do that and I would guess most would not know how.

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