Happy 3rd Blogoversary and reflections.

Today it is 3 years since I started my blog over on Blogger, before moving it to my own domain name using WordPress. Over those 3 years I have written 1,012 post and had 1,054 real comments, not to mention several hundred thousand spam comments! Although the Blogger blog was not my first entrance into publishing in the online world, I did have a GeoCities page in around 2001 with some predictions of where HRIS technology was going, so I guess I could say I have been “blogging” for 6 years now but that would not really be true.

I would have been online a lot earlier in 2004 if I had used Blogger first and not tried to get Moveabletype up and running on an old Linux PC I had in the office.

It has been an interesting journey, I have met lots of new people, learned a huge amount and had a lot of fun. Over the last year or so I have moved away from keeping close track of the HR blogosphere as my job has changed into one of a more technical nature but I still an eye on what is going on.

So where to in the next 12 months? Not 100% sure to be honest.

I have been thinking to morph the blog into being more about management than just HR and technology. In particular first line management (or middle management as Wayne Turmel would call it) in an online world as failings by many over the last year in this area have really started to get me upset. Probably the biggest de-motivator of staff on this planet is a poor manager! Not to mention the impact it has on an organisation’s bottom/top line. If I do change focus slightly I hope you, the reader will stay with me.

5 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Blogoversary and reflections.

  1. Michael, congratulations on your third anniversary. We just celebrated our second anniversary and 100th episode over at the Cranky Middle Manager show.

    It’s tough work doing quality postings and doing everything you have to do to keep a blog going…good on ya and we welcome more wisdom from you about management- firstline, middle or otherwise.


  2. Congratulations & happy anniversary!

    I’m looking forward to whatever direction you take. In the past few months since I subscribed, I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for the thought and effort you put into each one!

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