Blog is back!!

Just a quick note to apologize to everyone who reads this blog or subscribes to the feed. We have been offline for the last 4 days due to a hosting issue, basically the old host skipped town.

I have moved host, restored my backups (over 400mb of compressed data) and finally got things back up.

Unfortunately I have temporarily lost some of the data for this blog, it will be coming back over the next few days.

Oh and you might see a few duplicate posts coming through your feed reader as things settle down.

6 thoughts on “Blog is back!!

  1. backup backup!!! hehe. tisk tisk.

    ive actually been thinking of launching my own blog soonish. what are you using? just wordpress?

  2. Yes I am using wordpress, fantastic platform!

    I have had several challenges getting things back. First up determining that the old hosting provider had in fact skipped town – 2 days. Finding a new hosting provider – 1 day, getting my backups (450mb) back onto the new provider – 1 day, actually restoring the mySQL databases and testing – 1 day. The restoration was not as easy as I thought, thinking of a blog post about it. The final challenge has been my lack of backup schedule.

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