In the future we will…

I find futurists fascinating. From their wild ideas to which I think “no way” or their ideas which seems so obvious that I go “of course that will happen” they stretch my understanding of what the future holds.

One such is Ian Neild who is visiting Australia at the moment to attend Borderless World Conference, asking what will the world be like in 60 years when today’s kids are all grown up.

“In the next 60 years, nanotechnology and biotechnology will have impacts on our lives that might seem like magic to us, but will be quite normal to our children’s children”

Mr Neild released a 60 year timeline a couple of years ago with some really wild ideas including some things a lot closer to home.

What I find interesting is what will the workplace be like in 60 year, how will we have to recruit, what skills will be required, is the education system able to cope, and what will the management practices be?

Seems to me we will have much bigger issues than just Gen Y in the workforce, but it will be fun.

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