Dying technology skills

I love lists that state concretely what is going to happen, cause they are usually wrong. However this list of dead or dying technology skills from ComputerWorld looks like it might be on the money.

  1. Cobol
  2. Non-Relational Databases
  3. Non-IP Networks
  4. cc:Mail
  5. ColdFusion
  6. C Programmers
  7. PowerBuilder
  8. Certified NetWare Engineers
  9. PC Network administrators
  10. OS/2

To test out the theory I have plotted the percentage of jobs in Australia requiring these skills using Recruit.Net’s Job Index Trends tool. For some of the generic items I have pulled some skills as example. For comparison here is the same graph but I have added in SAP as a skill.

When compared to some of today’s “hot” items this list of 10 skills are either dead or dying, as the Mythbusters would say “Confirmed”.

2 thoughts on “Dying technology skills

  1. Michael,

    Some of those skills are not particularly relevant because there hasn’t been significant demand for a decade or more (such as C, Frame Relay, cc:Mail), but throw in Oracle and .Net and see what happens – surprising how the trends are almost identical. But why?

    This is an interesting tool, although really only from an historical perspective. What would be really neat is to produce future demand forecasts. What’s the next big thing !

  2. Very interesting trend when you throw in Oracle & .Net, again not sure why off the top of my head.

    Yes something to predict what future skills are needed would be great 🙂

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