Top 25 Recruiting Blogs

Just got an email from Jason Davis ( now, that I made the top 25 recruiting blogs according to Alexa rankings, #16 actually. Very flattered and surprised given the waiting Alexa seems to have to US based sites.

There are some very good blogs out there and if you having anything to do with recruiting you should be subscribed to them all.

I’m not going to show you all the list, you have to visit Jason’s new site to find out :-), but here are the top 5:-

Update:- for some reason the top 5 are not display, so you will have to visit Jason’s site.

6 thoughts on “Top 25 Recruiting Blogs

  1. speaking of random thoughts, would love for you to check out our new site, still in beta, that using live space events like solar flares and northern lights, to create random stuff. our tag line is “let the stars decide” and we are all from the space industry and wanted to create a platform that connects people to space.
    hope you like it. by the way, our widgets are coming along in a week, and that will allow random decisions based live on space floating on your blog…

  2. Thanks Jason, speaking of an early starter I am coming up to my 3rd anniversary in late June of starting my blog, planning an interesting reflection post.

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