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The Google Australia blog has an interesting post on the searching trends/patterns of Australians, the post provides some insight into what make Australian’s tick.

The way we search is in some ways not surprising. Proportionally, Australians do the most searches for meat pies, Aussie Rules, sunshine, sunburn, sea change, air conditioning, beer, Torana, snake, water restrictions, roast lamb, quit smoking, backyard, child care, kids and almost all of the searches for cubby house. Melbournians search for spring carnival, Sydney-siders search for harbour and red wine, and the good folk of Brisbane search for lifesavers and cattle dog. In Canberra they want a home loan and in Perth they’re all looking for mine jobs. 

Playing around with Google Trends I found some of my own interesting trends.

First up why is recruiting so popular in Iraq, or that job boards are so popular in Canada, and in Australia for that matter?  Even more interesting searching for human resources is most popular in Zimbabwe of all places, or what is in Johannesburg to make performance management so popular?  My take on this is if you are in HR and in the US, leave for the Middle East, or Africa or come down under.

On the tech side of the house, open source is very popular in Bangalore, the centre of the unified communications market seems to be in Singapore and frisco.  Where as Vista seems to be very popular in Portugal and Venezuela.  The PS3 most popular in Japan (no surprise), same with the Wii, however the UK and Puerto Rico have dibs on the XBox 360.  Finally Twitter is most popular in Italy.

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  1. It looks like they haven’t allowed any comments to the post, which is odd since they asked for feedback! Does this mean they only want feedback via blogs and not comments?

    The city and region results work on a ratio, given the state of Zimbabwe it’s not surprising that a high proportion of people are looking for human resources right now! I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of those searches are the middle class looking for human resources outside of Zimbabwe to help with a move. Would you believe Zimbabwe is also the number one search region of “work visa”?

    I seem to recall there was a big influx to Australia of professionals from South Africa a few years ago when security took a turn for the worse.

    Recruiting is a popular term in Iraq, almost four times more popular than the second placed region. If you replace that with “army recruiting” it becomes twenty times more popular than the second placed city in Kuwait. It looks like the best job going in Iraq right now is the army. Interesting that “police recruiting” doesn’t rate in Iraq but the number one region is Australia. I don’t think Iraq police recruits are faring very well at the moment and the army is seen as a much better job.

  2. Vincent, you can pick up on some very interesting trends looking at these search term. Maybe people in Zimbabwe want a work visa to get out 🙂

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