Is the IT job marketplace expanding or contracting?

There are 3 related articles in this week’s Australian IT on the state of the IT job market in Australia.

First up it seems since Easter IT jobs adverts have decreased across all IT sectors:-

Olivier Group director Robert Olivier said vacancies in all IT&T job categories fell last month, with the exception of desktop support and help-desk roles, which increased by 4.91 per cent. :

But it seems year over year the number of jobs

The IT&T sector recorded a total of 33,383 online vacancies in April, compared with 22,652 for the same time last year.

Let’s not forget the IT Graduate market which also seems to be growing:-

The IT graduate market continued to grow throughout last month, with vacancies rising by 5.92 per cent, compared with the overall average increase of 5.88 per cent.

Regardless of if the market expended or contracted last month it is going to grow. How? Well Google is looking to double it’s Australian workforce to help it hit $500 million in local revenue, and in the meantime probably send Sensis broke.

The company has a job vacancy list of more than 80, about 30 of which are engineering roles for the recently commissioned local research facility, Google Asia-Pacific chief Richard Kimber said.

The company wanted “a couple of hundred” engineers for the local facility, whose role was to develop Google Maps, he said.

Let’s not forget the Federal Budget being handed down tonight, many are hoping for a windfall in the government section. We all know the government likes to spend up really big on IT projects.

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