5 minute management practices

Anna Farmery from over at the Engaging Brand, which if you have not described you must, posted about what to do in a spare 5 minutes.

  1. Send a quick handwritten note to someone who has developed, who has delivered, who has had a hard day.
  2. Write down one objective for tomorrow that is centred around getting the best from your team
  3. Smile – the most contagious emotion and let it spread to those around you.
  4. Write an action to have a coaching session with each person.
  5. Pick up your keys and go home. Your health, your energy are needed to keep the pace of change going so rest those brain batteries to improve your performance.

Just think about how much better your workplace would be if employees actually did these things, just once a day!� Not just managers, all employees.� Your organisation would very quickly become an employer of choice.� I would beat that your profits would also start to rise as employees started to feel an attachment to the organisation.

Just a thought.

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  1. Thanks Anna. BTW your podcast on story telling is great and very timely. It is being passed around the office of help generate story telling about innovation amongst employees.

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