Why Web 2.0 sucks

Charlie over at This is going to be BIG has pulled together a list of 10 reasons Web 2.0 sucks.  In reading the post I found that it tied in nicely with some of the things in my recent post about how many people were really online.  Go read the full post to get all the details but I have pull out the list here in summary format.

  1. The finger pointing culture of fear will always dominate a culture of openness.
  2. The thinking, not just the building, has gotten small and lightweight…
  3. Web 2.0 hasn’t even come close to breaking open the carrier choked mobile world.
  4. Web 2.0 is a conversational vacuum.
  5. Spelling and grammr (beta)  have gone to hell in a handbasket.
  6. M&A Wack-a-mole stopping innovation in its tracks…
  7. Content licensing is still a bottleneck.
  8. The really juicy data will always remain locked up…
  9. A lot of powerful people don’t participate.
  10. MySpace is the most popular social network.

The list probably definitely also has a lot to do with why so many CIO’s are at the moment steering clear of introducing products from these new startup Web 2.0 companies into their organisations.  This is not to say that Web 2.0 is not being introduced, I feel it is just the open source products.  More on this later as I have been cooking up a post on this for the last couple of weeks, I just need the time to pull it all together.

Finally there is lots more discussion on TechMeme about it.

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