Are you dependent on others at work then Co-Working might be for you

We all know there is growing trend of lone-rangers and consultants floating around the employment market and everything is pointing to this trend continuing. One of the biggest issues with going it alone has always been the cost of setting up your own office, which is why so many work at home.

Working at home, while good on the hip pocket, generates isolation, social/productivity issues, and can have a perceived a lack of professionalism for client meetings etc. To resolve this people are flocking to coffee shops, hopefully with free wifi, as an answer.

Another solution to the issue has been the serviced office approach. It solves the professionalism and changes your cost structure but does not really solve the isolation, social/productivity issues as you are still typically working alone.
Enter Co-Working!

Described on the Co-Working wiki as “Coworking is cafe-like community/collaboration space for developers, writers and independents.

Recent coverage has included :-

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