One hour that could save your life

Ok the title might be attention grabbing but the cause is worth it.

There is a movement up in Sydney called EarthHour and the idea is for 1 hour everyone in Sydney should turn off all of their lights. It is being supported by the World Wildlife Foundation Australia and The Sydney Morning Herald (a Fairfax publication, just like The Age for those down south). Following the dramatic turn down of everything the campaign it then looking to cut Sydney’s greenhouse gas emissions by 5% over the coming 12 months.

So what do you do without your lights?

Get the neighbours together for a BBQ or head out to your local park for the hour. Take some binoculars and look at the stars. Or just go for a stroll. Talk with your family and friends about the state of our planet and the need to make a change to keep the place we live the way we need it to be.

Do something non-electric as a family – have a picnic or a have a candlelit dinner – but most importantly enjoy!


  • Get the neighbours together for a BBQ or head out to your local park for the hour
  • A candle-lit dinner for your friends or family
  • Dine in the dark – guess the food you’re eating!
  • Have a kids “camp-over” – pitch a tent in the yard and tell ghost stories

Want to help spread the word? Become their MySpace friend (am I the only one on the planet without one of these?), post your Earth Hour videos on YouTube, your pics on Flickr and tag them “earthhour2007”, use a banner on your site.

The site has some really good ideas of what people can do everyday to help reduce our impact on the environment.

Right now the organisers are only looking for Sydney to participate but it would not hurt if we all got on board. So spread the word!

4 thoughts on “One hour that could save your life

  1. Thanks for the pointer Michael.

    We’ve also launched a competition around “60 things you can do in the dark” over at our new blog:

    So anyone that has some clever ideas can go enter the competition for a chance to win one of 5 Nokia phones.

    While you’re there you can also check out some of the tips etc. as well, of course. It’s not all about winning stuff… 😉

    Regards, Grant

  2. I wonder if a table full of candles releases more CO2 than a couple of light bulbs–especially compact fluorescents. Not to mention the energy that went into producing them, transporting them, etc.

  3. Colin now that is just not in the spirit of things :-), how about you go for 1 candle.

    But you do raise some interesting issues around the impact of the production of items that people need be mindful of.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Colin. We actually have had a few people ask that same question.

    I’ve been told by our climate change team that we recommend that people use natural candles like beeswax and soy.

    Apart from the fact that they are generally more environmentally friendly, they are also natural products that are “carbon neutral” in the sense that any carbon that is expelled from them has already been drawn out of the atmosphere.

    Hope that helps.

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