Jobster launches a brand new interface

Over the last couple of days Jobster has released a brand new interface and in the process redefined job search, tags and social networking all at once. The only thing missing is freshly brewed coffee, which you need so you can take the time to understand what they have done!
Let’s break it down:-

  • Job Search: Taking direct aim at Indeed, SimplyHired and others Jobster now has their vertical job search tool front and centre on the home page. Yes they have had search for a while but now it is right in your face. (On a side note I wonder what they think of the Job aggregating patent Joel spotted.)

    They have all the bells RSS, email alerts, trends, date ranges, location ranges, and their own referral jobs.

    As you search you can also building content through the ability to add content via the at service, see further on in the post.Based on the last 7 days of search history Jobster are offering both a rising and declining popularity trend tool, with RSS. I would like to see a longer trend offering.

  • Social Networking: You create a profile which is a basic resume, including tags about yourself. A question I have is there now seems to be two profiles the old one and a new one??? I’m sure this will get sorted out.

    Social networking is also tied into the initial job referral tools released by Jobster. However, the social networking is not “in your face” like other tools, it is used to enable to overall user experience. Nor is this a social networking site trying to do jobs.

    A great tool is the Jobster at service. I have to admit when they first deployed it a while back I just did not get it, that might be because it was not full integrated into the site in the same way as it is now. This allows users to provide candid real life content to build a more detailed understanding of what is it like to work at the organisations listed in your profile. As Jason Goldberg says it is all about the BRAND!Tags are also use to explore both people and companies making this a great way for both recruiters and job seekers to connect.The final piece of the social networking allows users to connect to each other through a function called favs. To quote the Jobster site “Your faves are people who you want to bookmark. They might be a coworker, an admired colleague, or someone working at a company that interests you.”

  • Personalisation: Jobster tracks your previous searches and provides recommendations of jobs found matches your previous searches. A neat little feature and not new to job search but I like how it is done.
  • Technology: Everything you would expect, AJAX, RSS, images etc
  • User Interface: Clean, quick and responsive. The new UI is what has made such a change to the Jobster service.
  • Referrals: Still there in the background enabling lots of the new cool functionality.
  • What’s Hot: All of it, can’t you tell….

This is only just the start as I have not even looked at the new employers site.

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