Looking for a new media job in the US?

Just noticed that The Podcast Network is hiring! Cameron is looking for someone to head up their US operations, the opportunity is very unique is many ways.

Firstly, there is no salary, just equity and success bonuses.

Secondly, you need to be familiar with media, VCs, start ups and advertising.

Third, you need to be able to work with an Australian. (Ok we are not that bad!)

And finally you will be helping rip intellectual capital away from Australia, not a good thing but in this case it seems necessary for TPN to grow. A couple of days ago Cameron provided a unique insight into the troubles he has been facing working with potential Australian based investors. The up shot is he has spent a truck load of money on lawyers only to have all investors pull out.

Anyway if you know anyone who would fit the bill drop Cameron a line at cameron@thepodcastnetwork.com.

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