Why we hate HR 2.0 (Will this hurt)?

Fast Company has just posted a counter point to the one and only “Why we hate HR” story from last year.  They list some findings from a survey conducted by  Jacquelyn Thorp Kinworthy, a professor at Cal State-Fullerton and CEO/founder of HR-Coach Products and Services.  In summary:-

1) Companies hire inexperienced and unqualified people to handle HR, but expect them to perform at higher levels than they are qualified.

2) Companies do not invest in HR as they do in other departments.

3) Many small to medium size companies have HR people that are strategic partners.

Read the post for their thoughts but what do you think?

4 thoughts on “Why we hate HR 2.0 (Will this hurt)?

  1. Sadly, a lot of it is true. Even Master’s degree programs preach about “sitting at the table” or being a “strategic partner” but never explain exactly what gets you there. Accounting, Finance and other departments have it fairly easy, their niche hasn’t changed all that much. However, HR changes everyday. Remember when it was called Personnel? Exactly. HR needs to identify who it is, what it can do and who it can help.

  2. CM you touch on some very important topics. Over the last 20 years HR has changed dramatically. There are many HR Managers who started out as secretaries or the like and got promoted up the chain with no really training when HR was about paper pushing. You sum it up nicely with HR needs to identify who it is, what it can do and who it can help!

  3. Hi

    Yes, it is very true that HR has changed a lot. Sadly lots of things are true. HR in small companies are usually hired and given more of Admin work rather than actual HR.

    One should really struggle to develop strong HR culture.


  4. Gayatri you should also read the Jack and Suzy Welch article from 2006-04-18 links looking at some of the step HR can take to really perform more effectively.

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