New sites in the HR blogging community

I have just been added a few new sites over at, a few I found, and a few who submitted themselves.  The newest sites in the community are:-

Get Career

Confessions of an HR Director

Focus on Talent and Workforce Performance

Australian HR Technology Thoughts

MAPping Company Success

Charles A. Krugel, Labor & Employment Law, HR Law

Welcome to the HR blogosphere!

5 thoughts on “New sites in the HR blogging community

  1. Your site is awesome. As a new blogger it is particularly helpful and I appreciate it.

    Take a look at my blog and let me know if your think it is good enough to be added to your community listings. The blog is called: Amitai Givert’s Recruitomatic Blog.



  2. Hi Michael,

    I just discovered that you’ve included my blog on yours. Thanks much. I know that you don’t require/request a reciprocal link, but I just thought that you’d like to know that I’ve added your blog to my blogs’ links list.


    Charles Krugel

  3. Hi – I am currently investigating how social software/web 2 technologies can be used to support capability development within and/or across organisations. Can anyone direct me to an Australian organisation which is using social software (blogs, wikis etc) for staff learning and/or knowledge sharing specifically, and its working??
    You might like to check out our research wiki at as well and participate in the research.
    Many thanks

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