Over 400 blogs and 500 posts in 24 hours!

We have now broken the 400 blog mark over at community.hrblogs.org, with well over 500 posts in a 24 hour period. Being one who subscribes to the overall RSS feed from the site it is no wonder it is taking me so long to get through my RSS reader!

A quick review on the sites we now have:-

(Update: I got the average numbers wrong a problem with the way I am storing the data they should be right now.) 

Category Number of Sites Highest Technorati Rank Average Technorati Rank
Benefits 2 77,874 731,676
Career Development 32 192 471,107
Education and Learning 72 38 491,513
Employment Brand 6 2,791 228,981
Employment Law 42 13,749 410,246
HR Strategy 66 2,396 728,601
HR Technology 17 49,687 634,962
Knowledge Management 11 2,202 310,163
Labor Movements 6 5,865 318,388
Outsourcing 2 706,869 878,493
Performance 2 29,390 247,709
Recruitment 146 1,309 569,164
Remuneration 2 1,385,479 1,385,479

Categories with the highest recorded Technorati ranks are in the Education & Learning*, Career Development, Recruitment categories. The large average Technorati ranking indicates we have a fairly unpopular community, what I mean is we are not popular with the masses. It also means that using traditional tools like Technorati’s Top 100 blogs or the Feedster Top 500 will not find our sites.

A few months ago I started storing the RSS feeds from all of the sites registered and I now have a total of over 19,000 posts in the database. This got me thinking, who is linking to who, ie do we have an introvert community who links inwards or outwards. I am currently doing some analysis on this, check back soon!
For now on average each site has created 81 posts, however the Labor Movements category has on average posted 651 times for each of the 6 registered sites. When I remove them from the calculations then the average number of posts drops to 33 per blog.

One final note I have added two new categories for sites Job Seekers and General Management, I will look to re-classify some of the sites over the next couple of weeks.

* Just a point to note I am not activitly adding sites to this category there are just too many. For example James Farmer has over 10,000 sites on his edublogs site.

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