Restoring my son’s computer

Last weekend I had a bright idea of rebuilding my son’s computer, an old HP Pavilion 6535 we bought while we were in Canada and had shipped back to Australia in 2000.

Bad idea!

Initially I could not find the HP restore disks. But being a bit of a geek I had an old Windows 98 SE disk and thought “He doesn’t need all the fancy additional software shipped by HP let’s go vanilla!”.

Steps planned:-

  1. Re-format HD using Windows 98 SE recovery disk
  2. Install Windows 98 SE
  3. Install MS Works
  4. Upgrade to Office 2000
  5. Let son loose on new system

Steps taken:-

  1. Re-format HD using Windows 98 SE recovery disk
  2. Install Windows 98 SE
  3. Errors on re-boot!

During the rebot process I received errors about missing files, vnetsup.vxd, vredir.vxd, dfs.vxd WTF!  I just installed a fresh version of Windows 98SE, how can I be missing files.  Anyway the system continued to boot and then I received an error saying Microsoft Networking would not work because the file msnp.dll was not found!  Ignore this for now I think.
Once booted up I installed the network drivers for the Wireless card to get the system back on the network.  Then off to the Microsoft web site to Critical Updates, all 20 of them.   Video display all messed up, only supporting 680 x 720 in 4 colours!

Obviously I need the HP drivers and quick.
Went to HP web site to download required drivers. Other than the Intel drivers for the on board video card, nothing was there. Every search on the web site came back to use the Recovery CD, which I did not have. The biggest issue was that the sound card was not working. Ahh I know how to fix that, go to the product spec’s page look up the device and search for the drivers.  The only thing on the page was ” Crystal audio chip”, what!  Not only do they not provide drivers for download they don’t event provide part numbers so that you can do it yourself!  Straight to Google for some Googlejuice.

Search Crystal audio drivers pavilion 6535, and find I am not alone with these problems.  As it happens the chipset is Crystal CS4299 chip.  The drivers are available in two places.  Downloaded, installed and now we have sound.

Downloaded the Intel video drivers and we have a reasonable display.  Almost back to working order.

HP really needs to re-think their support of consumer PCs.

7 thoughts on “Restoring my son’s computer

  1. “HP really needs to re-think their support of consumer PCs.”

    Is that a joke?
    The PC is over 6 years old!

    Win 98? – You obviously want your son to experience what computing *used to be like* 😉

  2. Actually no it is not. The issue is more the idea of not providing software for download, and relying on recover CDs and the poor documentation.

    Yes the PC is over 6 years old but still working fine. Win98, yeah my son keeps hassling me to upgrade it to XP. But I keep telling him it is his machine and he is old 8. Later this year I am going to replace our main PC and give it to him, 3Ghz, 1GB Memory, with 200GB HDD so he will not know “what hit him”. 🙂

  3. When you installed your recovery disk to format.Did you make sure your computer was on an manually shut it down with the recovery disk in it and wait at least one minute to turn your computer on.If you don’t there will be errors on your hard drive and memory.This has happened to me.When I installed it properly everything was ok.I’m still using a 6535 but running XP works great with XP.And also using wirerless D-Link.Hope this helped

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