More on Friendster, blogs, and terminations

It seems that Joyce Park’s firing has caused a major stir within the technology ranks across the US. Several news organisations have picked up on the issue:-

I wonder if it will make the Australian press, I guess time will tell.

A search on Bloglines on “Fired for Blogging” shows many different entries of people who have ended with the same fate. Bloggers around the world seem to be getting behind Joyce and the whole issue, some calling for all users of Friendster to cancel their user account. Some have mentioned the obvious that there might be two sides of the story.

This gets me thinking about the impact such a loosely coupled social network can have on an organisation. Can a virtual social network impact the actions of an organisation, we have all seen action groups, such as Shareholders Association of Australia, place pressure on major organisations to change their practices. Will we see such changed based on the pressure of virtual social networks?

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